5 Social media sites, that we highly recommend that your business should be on.

There are so many media channels available today, its easy to get caught up with it all, and spend countless hours, posting, tweeting etc without getting anywhere.

So which social media should you choose… easy the ones that your target market spends most of its time on.

Facebook – The most recognised social network in the world. As of December 2013, it has over 1.9 billion monthly active users, 874 million of which are on mobile. It is so ubiquitous that if people can’t find your brand on Facebook, your business’ legitimacy is questioned.

Twitter – With 838 million registered users, Twitter’s 140 character ‘sharing’ feature is a potent tool for any business if optimised properly. Your ‘Followers’ get articles, news and product info short and fast.

Google + – As of 2013, its user base has reached 540 million and is still growing. Contents promoted in Google Plus get a head start in Google search as the search giant naturally favours content from G+.

Utube – As of April 2014, more than a billion unique visitors have spent 6 billion hours on YouTube. How-To videos rule YouTube. Like Google’s G+ Page, YouTube videos are often shown in search results because of their immense value to users.

Linked In – A professional’s haven with 259 million members. Its total user base in the US has reached 84 million in 2013. Employers and employees are said to trust each other more in LinkedIn owing to the network’s reputation in terms of keeping user quality to the highest.