Why are website hosts not all the same.

I have just recently moved all my WP websites across to Siteground. After months of research and referrals all pointing towards one host out of the many Siteground was chosen to host all of my WordPress Websites.

WordPress is the most commonly used platform to build websites, once just Blog software its become so much more than that now, and frequently comes under attack via various openings.

Although regularly updated with security features, WordPress itself requires a host that goes that extra step to secure the sites on their servers and recently i had only one website that was left to transfer across, and this was to be done when the hosting time ran out on the existing provider.

This decision was brought forward somewhat when the website came under Ddos attack and the site was showing increased downtime.The Ddos attacks overload the server by bombarding it with requests and the server shuts the site down. This is not an ideal situation, server outages do occur its a fact of hosting and is expected, however if the security measures are not in place then the Ddos attacks will continue.

Since moving the site across to Siteground late December, actually Christmas Eve, the site has remained with 100% uptime.

When i build a website, hosting with Siteground is included in the yearly ongoing fee, we recommend Siteground and strongly advise to check what security measure are in place for your website.