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Hawkesbury small business websites

Don’t just relay on social media to promote your business. Give your customers a secure and reliable source of information about your products and services and use your social media to drive traffic to your website.
Hawkesbury Small Business Websites
small business websites hawkesbury

Complete Solution

Our Complete Hosted Hawkesbury Small Business Websites is the only website solution that you need.

We design and test the website on our servers with all your content loaded, once approved by you, we then upload the website to a secure website hosting server. There is absolutely nothing for you to do, other than supply your content - and even then if there is a problem, we can possibly help as well.

With our Hawkesbury Small Business Websites, we are all about showcasing your business. 

Galleries showcasing your services or projects allows your potential clients to view exactly what you can do, and visually allows clients to make an informed decision.


All content that you provide is loaded onto the website, if there is a lack of content, say images, we can generally help with Generic images

Hosting inlcluded

Hosting is a part of each of our website packages simply because we want to make sure your website is safe and secure.

generic images

Sometimes images are hard to come by for some websites and industries. Most times we can find some images that can be used.

Wordpress maintenance

There is alot going on in the backend of your website, and its important that it is maintained, updated and kept secure.

local on page seo

Is your target market and area local ?. We can focus on keywords and phrases to get you ranking locally.

monthly reporting

See each month how your website is performing with its rankings, get keyword suggestions, and watch 3 or your competitors

We build it, host it, and maintain it.

Pricing List
Our pricing range accomadates most requirements, however if there is something special that you require for you business let us know.


Up to 6 pages, all content loaded, hosting for 12 months


Ongoing Costs 200.00 per year


Up to 10 pages, all content loaded, hosting 12 months, Basic WP Maintenance, HTTPs and On Page Local SEO


Ongoing Costs 500.00 per year


Up to 15 pages, all content loaded, hosting for 12 months, Premium WP Maintenance and Reporting, HTTP's & Local On Page SEO


Ongoing Costs 700.00 per year
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