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Just some articles on information that we think will be of benefit to you.
Check some of our articles, some really excellent insights for small business that will help you with your website and social media

Importance of HTTPS

Why do we put so much emphasis on the "Importance of Http's" About 40% of the search results that reach Google’s first page are in HTTPs format. The importance of HTTPs is because 82% of people will stop a purchase if they notice a website isn’t secure. It's important that your website is secure, and […]

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Why you should have a Google Map Listing

LOCAL SEO AND GOOGLE MAPS LISTINGS When we do a search on Google for a product or service that we require, the first thing that appears in the search are all paid adverts. Next you will see those businesses that are on Google Maps, possibly some questions that are regularly asked, then image packs if […]

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Local SEO

Are your customers local ? If yes, then you should have Local SEO on your website as well Too many times I hear “I want to target Sydney” when discussing SEO keywords and phrases…. That’s a massive area, and unless you are a niche market, a very big ask… certainly not impossible with Google Paid […]

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Website Blogs

Website Blogs Why does your website need a blog It drives traffic to your website Helps you get discovered on social media Keeps your social media presence going Helps convert traffic to leads by connecting with your visitors Establishes your business as an authority in your visitors eyes Write posts that dont decay over time, […]

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Facebook Likes vs Comments and Shares

Whats is the difference between Facebook Likes vs Comments and Shares? When you are engaged your audience will be as well. Only 1% of facebook users who like your page will visit your page again. Now thats a bit of an OMG moment or is it ? Because we all like to think that our […]

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Googles Bounce Rate

What does Google’s Bounce rate mean to my website ? Firstly, what is a bounce rate, and why do I need to monitor this data? A bounce on your website basically means that the visitor has entered a page on your site and thats is all, they have not clicked on a menu item, or […]

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