Importance of HTTPS

Why do we put so much emphasis on the "Importance of Http's"

About 40% of the search results that reach Google’s first page are in HTTPs format. The importance of HTTPs is because 82% of people will stop a purchase if they notice a website isn’t secure.

It's important that your website is secure, and in fact this is a standard with all our websites built since Google started to place such importance on having HTTP's, and that is all website, not just online stores.

  1. Google has hinted at a fully secure web in the future.
  2. Google Chrome will label your site insecure without a https
  3. HTTP's sites load much faster than standard HTTP
  4. According to Google 50% of desktop page loads are on HTTP's
  5. Studies have show a correlation to having a HTTP's website and higher rankings
  6. Approx 40% of Google's page one listings are HTTP's
  7. HTTP's has been a signal in Google's Algorithm since 2014

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Why you should have a Google Map Listing


When we do a search on Google for a product or service that we require, the first thing that appears in the search are all paid adverts. Next you will see those businesses that are on Google Maps, possibly some questions that are regularly asked, then image packs if they are available, and finally the organic website listings.

Given all of these things could potentially be above your website listing, it is without a doubt a worthwhile excercise to make sure that you atleast have a Google Maps Listing in place to help drive traffic to your business and website.

Research shows that almost 70% of users view businesses with complete listings. 

Google Map ListingsThe more complete, the more effective your listing will be. At the end of the day Google My Business drives traffic to your website, to your premises,  pick up the phone or ask for directions, so it needs to be correct.

Regularly check this listing also as anyone can make a suggestion to Google for the information to be changed, that included your location and they can also upload images.

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Local SEO

Are your customers local ? If yes, then you should have Local SEO on your website as well

Too many times I hear “I want to target Sydney” when discussing SEO keywords and phrases…. That’s a massive area, and unless you are a niche market, a very big ask… certainly not impossible with Google Paid Ads, spend enough and that will certainly get you onto page 1.

The majority of small business with a physical location deal with local customers, and this is where the SEO efforts should be focused firstly. Gaining traction and reaching the first page on Google and Google Maps for local searches will help the online side of your business succeed.

Local searches means your local district, so for instance, my business is located in the Hawkesbury District, so that area is my main focus plus the major suburbs like, Richmond, Windsor, and surprisingly its not actually a suburb, but a major ranking keyword “Hawkesbury River”, so it pays to think outside of the box when choosing your keywords and phrases.

From here, I look at my clients, mostly small business and tradesman, so Plumbers, Landscapers, Fencers, Builders, Carpenters and I build my local SEO from there. 

Example “Rural Fencing Hawkesbury”

So in searches, this site will show high up for this full search term and just  "Rural Fencing" lower depending on competition for that term  and the searchers location.

Along with any website, I want to make sure the Google Map is in place and the information provided is correct. The biggest mistake I see is that business for some reason have more than one map, and that they have not correctly classified their business or fully completed all the information.

All our websites automatically come with On-Page SEO, if your not sure about your websites performance we can provide an SEO Audit for your website, or read more about certain aspects of On-page SEO and Google Maps