Just some articles that I think are important to web design

Audit your website with a SEO Sweep

Increase your organic website traffic with an SEO Audit Sweep Audit your website with a SEO Sweep and prepare your website for success, before starting to drive crazy amounts of traffic its way. If your site is a mess, there are a million technical glitches, and your...

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What are Search Visability Scores

The Search Visibility score is the percentage of clicks we estimate you receive based on your organic rankings positions, across all of the keywords you’re tracking in your Campaign. Search Visibility is one of the first metrics you'll see in your Campaign Dashboard....

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Why do i need WordPress Maintenance

Wordpress Maintenance... what is it ? and why do i need to have it ? Maintaining the backend of your Wordpress website is extremely important, it cant be stressed enough how important it is. This means that if you are not using the latest version of WordPress, then...

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WordPress Website Hosting

Why are website hosts not all the same. I have just recently moved all my WP websites across to Siteground. After months of research and referrals all pointing towards one host out of the many Siteground was chosen to host all of my Wordpress Websites. Wordpress is...

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Understanding Facebook clicks and Google Analytics

Google analytics can be sometimes hard to understand, and now with Facebook you are seeing different kinds of referring sources as you might have seen. So here's the difference Referral traffic from or are from facebook users clicking on...

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Google Mobile First Indexing

This month Google made a major announcement on the future of "Search", and its breaking further away from traditional Desktop Websites and Blogs and move to websites that are Mobile First. Google made the official announcement in this article on the 4th November. In...

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Social Networks for Business

5 Social media sites, that we highly recommend that your business should be on. There are so many media channels available today, its easy to get caught up with it all, and spend countless hours, posting, tweeting etc without getting anywhere. So which social media...

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We love Formcraft

Formcraft is a premium (you need to pay for it yearly... its worth it) plugin that builds very flexible forms with a multitude of options and add-ons available. One of the options available, is its ability to work with many of the mail campaign software thats...

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WordPress and Jetpack Publicize Service

WordPress’s Jetpack services allows you to create posts and “Publicize” them immediately to your social media accounts. What you will need to do is to firstly create those media accounts before you can publish to them. Dunjoko Designs will build your website, and...

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