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Social Media Plans

A well defined, carefully cultivated social media feed could be the jolt in the arm that ensures you are turning prospective strangers into loyal and happy customers.

Social Media Management

Quite often it's a struggle for small business and tradesman to keep up with constantly posting to all the social media accounts.

After setting up intentions are all good and interest is high to post just about everything, and then business gets busy and the SM accounts are forgotten, and the customers that have liked your page have forgotten you.

Depending on the industry, focusing on the right content for the right platform provides for a consistent message across all platforms, too create the best reach, awareness of your product or service. 

With the same consistent messaging across various platforms, we will be able to further reinforce to your prospective customers and garner further reach. .

blog posts

Honestly one of the most used ways to drive traffic to your website from your social media is with a Blog Article


Facebook's intention is to connect people, family, friends and to create communities, therefore is loves interaction

analytics reports

We analyse how things are going with your website and social media  with reports that track your social media and website, our reports are delivered to your email once a month.


Picture and Video driven platform, Instagram offers a diverse platform to reach out to your customers and find new ones. 


LinkedIn is a professional to professional platform. A great platform to basically show off, push your products, successes and website blog articles. 

social media setup

Confused with all the set up and linking between social media accounts. We can take care of this for you

struggling to find the time ?

Our social media packages generally cover all the bases, however we are willing to adapt anything to suit your requirements.

Our Packages

For existing social media accounts ONLY, we can alleviate some of your social media workload and take over weekly posting for you. We will also as a part of the initial service, check over the social media settings, make sure accounts are linked correctly, and look over your efforts so far..


~Initial review and modifications where needed to all social media accounts setup including Google Maps
~ 1 Post across all platforms each month 
~ 1 Story per. month Facebook and Instagram
~ Photography of product or service where possible (location permitting)
~ #Hash Tag research for Instagram
~ Cross posting if available
Min term 4 months
Max of 4 social profiles


~Initially review and modifications to all social profiles including Google Maps
~ Product or service photography where possible
~ 1 organic post across all platforms per month
~ 1 story post Instagram/Facebook per month
~ 1 Boosted Facebook post per month value $50.00
~ 1 Target Advertisement per month @ $30.00
~ Social Profile analytics reports monthly
~ Google Maps information changes reviews, and timely response to reviews. Notification of any issues that need to be dealt with
~ Cross posting where available
~ # Hashtag research for Instagram
Min term 4 months
Max of 4 social profiles
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