Frequently asked Questions

about Web Design

Who are my websites designed for?

My typical clients are  small businesses who want a professional website without any of the technical hassle of building, maintaining and hosting it themselves.

In other words, this product/service is designed for people who want to manage their website’s content themselves, at their convenience, but don’t want to deal with any of the technical details of building and running a website.

If you’re someone who wants to install and test plugins, edit your template files, tweak the cache settings, or deal with your server’s cPanel, then this service isn’t for you. I can still build you a website, but you would want the DIY Package instead.

Do you add my content when you build the website?

Yes, I do. There are other similar providers who give you a blank website that you need to fill with your content, but I believe even this can be daunting for a beginner. When I build your website I also add, format, and optimize your content so that when you start using your website, it’s already finished. You are free (and encouraged) to edit and update your content once your site is launched, but you’ll have a good pattern to follow.

If even editing your content sounds daunting, I can do this for you as-needed for an additional fee.

Do you offer Email?

No. In this day and age email is something that is best handled by email providers separately from your website server. You can order email hosting through your domain OR use something like Gmail or ICloud mail for you website. You website can be linked to whatever email you choose.

What's a website design template?

A Website Design Template is much more than just a WordPress theme. It’s a comprehensive package that includes WordPress, the Framework, a Child Theme , and a hand-picked group of plugins.

Each template is a styled premium  theme that I’ve customised, adding features and making further improvements to the styling.

Many of the functions of a WordPress website are handled by plugins, and I use a selection of free, premium (purchased).

What about technical support? How can I reach you if I need help with my website?

First, I recommend that you select the video training option available, for 40.00 per year will show you how to manage your website if you are intending on updating it yourself. Many questions that clients have about their websites are answered in these resources.

After that, you can reach me several different ways. The preferred method is my client support request form. You can also send me an email with your question or even pick up the phone and call me during business hours. I don’t have a toll free number, so that call would be on your dime.

Do i own the website?

Your website is a hosted product and service provided by Dunjoko Designs and is available for you to use as long as you continue to pay the managed hosting fees. You do not own the website, although you do own your content that you add to the website.

Think of this like leasing a car or an apartment. As long as you keep making your payments you have full use of it, you are responsible for what happens with it, but you don’t actually own it.

If you want to own your own website, there are options available so please ask me, you would be require to purchase the Framework used for your website and possibly a child theme, also any premium plugins that are going to be used in your website, most premium plugins also have a yearly fee which you would be responsible for paying. I do limit paid plugins, but some you just cant do without. The cost associated with owning your own site will be a great deal higher as well.

After the website is built can I switch to a different design template in the future?

You can switch templates at any time for a discounted price of half of the current set-up fee, plus the standard customization fee if you want something other than the available color options for that template.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, but no. Due to the nature of digital products and services, website set-up and managed hosting fees are not refundable.

How long will it take before my website is ready?

That depends on my schedule, how complex your website is, and how long it takes you to get your content to me.

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