Email Hosting

June 11, 2022
Email Hosting

Difference between website hosting and email hosting.

Email website hosting is basically where your emails are located on the same server as your website, both drawing on the same bandwidth allowance of the hosting plan. Email Hosting is located on a different server and is set up from you domain name control panel and doesn't have any impact on your hosting allowance.

And why email hosting should remain separate.

So the single biggest issue with combining your emails with your website hosting is, website's do go down. It doesn’t matter how good the host environment is, how much security they have, website's still go down.

So when this happens, your email accounts are down as well.

The other important part is a lot of website hosting environments now do not offer email hosting

It has the potential to take space away from where is needed, and that’s your website.

IMAP email and your folders take up space on the server, you need IMAP for its security features, POP accounts wont take up room, but they are not as secure.

We highly recommend the following email hosting providers

Email Hosting that we can recommend

  1. Microsoft Office 365 - for a mid range package at 17.20 per month +  GST, this package offers everything that you should need for a small to medium size business
    1. Up to 400 email alias - its needs to be understood, alias emails will be sent to the main email account set up, so for example you could have hello@..... On your website, that’s what the client will see, when the email comes through you will be replying from your main email address not hello@. If you want more than one email account then you need to purchase another licence.
    2. Ability to create extra users and licences @ a price of course
    3. The general apps, WORD, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note and Outlook
    4. A nice feature is Sharepoint - ill be using this to share docs with my clients
    5. And finally a nice simple dashboard, and an automatic email setup with Outlook, so no more entering in emails, passwords, changing ports and servers etc, cause that’s seriously painful.
  2. G Suite - similar to Gmail just the paid version with some extras thrown in @ around 6.00 per month it’s a cheaper alternative to having email hosting attached to your domain name.

The set up instructions as easy to follow, adding in TXT Records and MX Records. The only downside is you need to create Folders via the G Suite dashboard, not via outlook, however they appear on outlook very quickly. Once there you can just drag the email into the folder.

So the final take home message is this, emails and websites should have their own hosting environments. As hosting changes the option to have an email account on your website hosting will become less and less available, and those hosting environments will be the ones that you will want to steer clear of anyway. The cheaper the hosting the slower your website will be and more open to security issues.

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