Facebook Likes vs Comments and Shares

April 17, 2020
Facebook Likes vs Comments and Shares

Whats is the difference between Facebook Likes vs Comments and Shares?

When you are engaged your audience will be as well.

Only 1% of facebook users who like your page will visit your page again.

Now thats a bit of an OMG moment or is it ?

Because we all like to think that our followers regularly visit our page just in case they missed some important content or deal we forget that our posts are shared to the followers feed so we don’t necessarily need them to revisit our page regularly to get updates, so why should we worry, we are posting and people are liking our posts, and all is right with the world... but is it ?

Did you know that a post ‘like” to your post is literally worth nothing ?

As the owners of the post or page, it might make us feel good about what we have put up, however facebook “likes” do not show actual engagement which is what Facebook wants to see, so having 100 people like you post does not guarantee that your future posts will continue to show up in their feeds. Facebook deems that friends and family should be served up first, then groups and then finally business pages that the person has followed, so this really leaves us way down the list.

So what does Facebook want to see ?

They want to see engagement, it's that simple or is it ?

Getting people to like your post is hard enough, is it possible that people just don't want to like your post cause they don't want their feed then bombarded with all your future posts ? I'd say thats pretty spot on. We know that Facebook learns, and so do search engines, the day you look at cute kittens on either, and then all of a sudden your feed is filled with sponsored adds, if you watch a video then the rest will be all about Kittens, and this is somewhat annoying at times.

So you need to get above that, cause Facebook wants comments and shares, so possibly if you post once a week people will be more inclined to comment cause their feed is not bombarded with your posts.

In saying this be careful with what you post, how many posts have you seen that asks you to tag a friend " that has red hair" or "would enjoy this" - this is called click baiting, they are getting people to comment, which is what Facebook wants, but they are not playing by the rules, and Facebook like Google will eventually penalise them for it.

Make it count !

The content that you share should be well thought out, well designed and well executed, if you then can get multiple people commenting on your post and interacting then this is viewed as "meaningful interaction"


Facebook loves Videos ! The video should in the first 0-10 seconds should have enough impact to make the view want to click, since the first 10 seconds are displayed automatically on the feed you should pay alot of attention to this first part.

You want to Engage directly with fans and create highly visual content, and develop a video around your clients questions. If your video gets people watching for 30 seconds or more Facebook will serve that video up more in feeds.

Also one last hint, upload direct to Facebook, do not share from Utube or Vimeo.

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