Googles Bounce Rate

February 6, 2020
Googles Bounce Rate

What does Google’s Bounce rate mean to my website ?

Firstly, what is a bounce rate, and why do I need to monitor this data?

A bounce on your website basically means that the visitor has entered a page on your site and thats is all, they have not clicked on a menu item, or a button or link, by doing this google is unable to record any tracking details, so that hit on your site is added to the overall bounce rate.

How does the bounce rate impact on my website.

Visitors just looking at one page and then flicking back out is not what you want to see, a small bounce rate is acceptable and probably guaranteed that every site will have a bounce rate of some percentage, but having a high percentage bounce rate means that there is little to nothing on you website that visitors are looking for.

At this point you really have to ask yourself if the content thats on your website or in fact your home page relevant ?. Is it engaging ? Is it up to date ? Is the overall appearance of my site appealing ?

If you have answered “yes” to these questions, it's possible that you need to look at hiring an SEO/Content Marketer to overhaul your sites content.

If you have answered “No”, then there is a fair amount of changes that you can make to decrease the bounce rate on your website.

The main one that is discussed is your “Content”.

Written content works two ways, one it allows your visitors to read about your services, product, or ideas, and two it also allows Google to read and learn.

The more visitors to your say Blog posts, and are spending time reading the article the more that google can create an accurate picture of your article and your sites relevance to the search terms used by your visitor.

You want google to see yourself and your website or Blog as an authority in your market area. The more engagement that your website or blog and posts create the more your authority ranking goes up and the more your website will be served up ahead of your competitors.

So next time you are working on your home page, consider putting your blog posts onto the home page of the website, dedicate a large section to it, not just a small box in the corner or single line links in the footer of your website make them prominent, this in turn gives you the information turnover on your home page thats needed.


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